Benefits of Becoming an Approved Education Provider

  • Assured of offering training that professionals must acquire for recertification.
  • Organization can market trainings as VCB Approved.
  • Approved education is listed on the VCB website which is the first place professionals seeking recertification are directed for education.
  • Approved education will be searchable on the VCB website by not only organization, topic, region, online or in person training and date.
CPRS Training 12/7/20 to 1/9/21 Online 72.00 hrs Kelvin Manurs
Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse: Working Together for Change 12/17/20 to 12/18/20 Crozier 13.00 hrs Virginia Department of Corrections Academy for Staff Development
CPRS Training 1/6/21 to 1/22/21 Online 72.00 hrs Jesse Wysocki

CCHW Training Approval

This application is designed to; 1) expand the instructional capacity within Virginia through learning institutions and other community providers for persons seeking to become certified as Community Health Workers and, 2) assist the Virginia Certification Board in the review of curriculum that meets the core competency instruction standards that is part of the CHW certification process.

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