If you wish to file an ethics complaint against a certified professional or a person seeking VCB certification, you must thoroughly complete the VCB Ethical Complaint Form.  This form is available on the VCB website or a copy can by mailed to you. 
The fully completed complaint form should be mailed in an envelope marked “Confidential” to:
Ethics Committee
Attention:  Executive Director
VA Certification Board
298 S. Progress Ave.
Harrisburg, PA 17109
Helpful points to remember:
  • The Executive Director of VCB can answer any questions you might have related to the ethical complaint process.
  • Individuals certified by VCB are subject to the VCB Code of Ethical Conduct as well as those individuals who have made application for a credential beginning at the date of application for a credential.
  • Verbal complaints and anonymous action complaints will not be considered for investigation with the exception of publicly available information (i.e. newspaper articles, court records, etc.).
  • A certified professional shall promptly alert a colleague informally to potentially unethical behavior so said colleague could take correction action.
  • A certified professional shall report any uncorrected violation of the VCB Code of Ethical Conduct within 90 days of the alleged violation.
  • Non-VCB certified persons wishing to file a complaint must do so within four years from the date the offense occurred.
  • Once the complaint has been filed, theVPCB Executive Director may, at his/her discretion, proceed with an investigation even if the complainant subsequently requests that the complaint be withdrawn.
For additional information, please contact the VCB Executive Director at 804-741-2319, extension 103.