CPRS Information

Education listed here is for initial certification for the CPRS only. If you are seeking education for recertification please use the Approved Education by Region or Approved Education for Homestudy tabs. If you are unable to locate trainings, you may email info@vacertboard.org for more information.

Looking for an approved trainer in your region? You can search the list of approved trainers, here.

CPRS Application | Region Map

If you are an approved DBHDS trainer for the 72 hours CPRS curriculum and would like your training listed on our website email Alissa at abradley@vacertboard.org.


Name Date Location Hours Approved Trainer Info Region
CPRS Training 6/5/19 to 7/31/19 Richmond, VA 72.00 hrs Jim Kochany - oakowlhill@gmail.com Region 4
CPRS Training 6/24/19 to 7/22/19 Richmond, VA 72.00 hrs Craig Hedley - runmugrun@yahoo.com Region 4
CPRS Training 7/5/19 to 8/3/19 Richmond, VA 72.00 hrs Elvis F. Brooks, Jr. - releaseurselfI@gmail.com Region 4
CPRS Training 7/8/19 to 7/19/19 Richmond, VA 72.00 hrs Connie L. Nutter - connie@deposithope.com Region 1
CPRS Training 7/12/19 to 7/19/19 Richmond, VA 72.00 hrs Marjorie Yates - marjoriey@saaracenter.org Region 4
CPRS Training 8/4/19 to 10/6/19 Hampton, VA 72.00 hrs Eddie L. Wiggins - eddiewiggins@outlook.com Region 5
CPRS Training 8/10/19 to 9/8/19 Richmond, VA 72.00 hrs Jim Kochany - peerrecoveryrva@gmail.com Region 4
CPRS Training 8/17/19 to 10/5/19 Stephens City, VA 72.00 hrs Byron Johnson - greatbre@gmail.com Region 1