Benefits of Becoming A VCB Approved Education Provider


  • Assured of offering training that professionals must acquire for recertification.
  • Organization can market trainings as VCB Approved.
  • Approved education is listed on the VCB website which is the first place professionals seeking recertification are directed for education.


Providers have two choices to complete forms: Downloadable Forms and Online Forms.

  • Downloadable: Forms can be printed and mailed, or completed and emailed or faxed. Must be used if paying by check. Choose only one submission format.

  • Online: Form must be completed if you do not complete the form and exit, you will need to start over. Document upload is required. Credit card payment is required.


Online Forms

Initial & Renewal Provider Status

Education Approval Application: In Person Training - Approved Providers 

Education Approval Application: Online Training - Approved Providers 


Online Forms for Education Providers who do not have Provider Status with VCB OR have exhausted their yearly Provider Status Contract:

Education Approval Application: In Person Training

Education Approval Application: Online Training

Individual Education Approval

Are you a professional looking for individual education approval for previously unapproved education for recertification?

Individual Education Approval for Recertification - Form can be printed and mailed, or completed and emailed or faxed.