Recertification Education Information


I hereby request that the Virginia Certification Board grant the credential to me based on the following assurances and documentation:

I subscribe to and commit myself to professional conduct in keeping with the VCB Code of Ethical Conduct;

I hereby certify that the information given herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also authorize any necessary investigation and the release of information relative to my certification. Falsification of any records or documents in my application will nullify this application and will result in denial or revocation of certification;

I consent to the release of information contained in my application and any other pertinent data submitted to or collected by VCB to officers, members, and staff of the aforementioned Board;

I consent to authorize VCB to gather information from third parties regarding continuing education and employment and understand that such communication shall be treated as confidential;

Allegations of ethical misconduct reported to VCB before, during, or after application for certification is made will be investigated by VCB and could result in the nullification of the application or denial or revocation of certification.


  1. VCB approval for all education
  2. Education that has not been previously VCB Approved must be submitted using the Education Approval Form found on our website at 
  3. VCB accepts education received outside of Virginia under the following conditions: Appropriate documentation (certificate, letter of attendance, transcript) is provided. OR  If an out-of-state education was approved by an IC&RC member board of that state, no further VCB approval is necessary. Proof of the IC&RC member board approval must be submitted.  If these conditions were not met, the certified professional must seek VCB education approval.
  4. Three (3) hours in professional ethics and responsibilities as part of the total education hours. EXCEPT for the CPRS which requires six (6) hours in ethics. Acceptable trainings that would meet this requirement include but are not limited to: ethics related to human services, HIPAA, confidentiality, boundaries, mental health law and mandated child abuse reporting.


Documentation of continuing education is only required for recertification if a certified professional is randomly selected for review, or audit of their education hours. Audits occur twice per year (every January and July). 


Those selected for audit will be notified and must submit documentation of the appropriate number of hours of education/training that they completed in the prior two-year period.  Since the audit process is random, individuals may be selected for audit multiple times. 


Non-compliance with the required education/training for recertification is viewed as a breach of professional ethics.


DO NOT send in copies of your certificates of completion for trainings with your recertification application. These will not be reviewed at the time of your recertification and will be discarded.  You will only send copies of training certificates if you are randomly selected for a recertification audit.